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Focus on Five Bundle

This bundle hits all five focus areas for optimal gut health:

  • 5 Ingredient Recipes for Gut Health
  • Mindful Breathing Guide
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  • 7-Day Hydration Challenge
  • Mix & Match Workout Builder

10-Day Total Gut Transformation

Detox your body and hit the reset button on your health:

  • Improve your metabolism
  • Rid your body of stubborn fat
  • Eliminate built-up toxins & waste
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  • Enhance the quality of sleep

21-Day Keto Challenge for Gut Health

Curious if Keto could help you reach your health goals? This challenge is the perfect place to start.

  • Learn how to fit keto into your lifestyle & budget
  • Includes our best keto recipes to keep cravings at bay and keep you full and satisfied
  • Easy-to-use weekly meal guides and grocery lists done for you


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Swiss Almond Fat Bombs

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I endured years of digestive discomfort, the kind that makes you double over with painful, trapped gas. It got so bad that even a few bites led to uncomfortable bloating. One day, a co-worker’s innocent comment about pregnancy shook me. I knew I had to change. Researching gut health revealed an imbalanced microbiome, and as I delved deeper, I realized that a change in my diet and lifestyle was the key to a life free from digestive issues. Now, I’m more confident, my skin has cleared, and I’ve bid farewell to painful gas and persistent bloating. Here to share my journey with you.


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